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Other Miniatures

I don't just make handbags. I like to make what I can for my own doll house and various room boxes. Occasionally, I will also make other minis to sell.

I recently made a hotel lobby as part of a club project. I was so happy with my bell boy that I decided to do another one, which I have just sold.

A 6" Heidi Ott 1/12 scale doll with blonde hair, he was dressed in a Bellhop uniform handmade by me. The uniform consisted of grey trousers with gold trim and red jacket and hat with gold trim. To finish the outfit, he also had a pair of black Heidi Ott shoes.
To get him started in his job, he also had a suitcase. The suitcase (also made by me) does not open and measured 2 inches x 1 1/4 inches.