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Miniature Links

There are so many web sites dedicated to miniatures that no one site can list them all. This list is sites that I have found useful or interesting. Maybe you will find a site here that you haven't seen before. Because there are still only a handful of links here at the moment, there is no particular order to them, although it isn't going to be long before I need to sort them in some way.

Miniature Magic Miniature Magic is your one-stop-shop for quality dollhouse, roombox and miniature supplies and is the brainchild of lifetime friends and miniature fanatics Lyn Rolfe and Cheryl Mills. Both are members of their local miniaturist group and understand your miniature needs.
Imagination Mall If you've never been here, you are in for a treat. This site has links to all sorts of miniature sites covering all topics from pages with handmade items to information about shows, books and organizations. Way too many things to list here. Grab a cuppa and get comfy before you head there.
Lesley's Miniature Knitting Lesley has some beautiful miniature knitting. Her items can be purchased as just the pattern, a kit with the yarn needed or as the completed garment. She also sells 1/12 scale Heidi Ott dolls.
Thelma Lewis DeMet Contemporary Miniature Clothing by Internationally known Artisan & IGMA Fellow Thelma Lewis DeMet.
Clothing is 1" (inch) scale, one-of-a-kind and are handcrafted from natural fibres.
Small Stuff A wealth of hints and tips for all things miniature.
Pop's Dollhouse A heartwarming story of a lady who, with her husband, finished building her grandfather's dollhouse before he passed away.
MyMiniatures.com A search engine for miniature sites... over 2000 sites listed!
A Miniature Marvel A Miniature Marvel is a dolls house and dolls house accessories specialist based in Rochester in Kent. They have items in both 1/12 and 1/24 scale. Quite an amazing site with lots of things things that you don't often see in miniatures.
Nemo's Miniatures and More Welcome to Nemo's Miniatures and More. This is the only miniature furniture and accessories website to be conceived, designed, and operated by a cat. Nemo and his staff of humans will be bringing you a wide selection of handcrafted 1/12 = 1 inch scale miniature furniture and accessories, made by some of the finest Artisans in the country and around the world.

Check out....these Dollhouse Miniatures sites!