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Tiny Totes
Doll house handbags and more by Twinmum
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Shoes and Boots

As well as handbags, I like to play around making miniature leather shoes too. I find that lots of magazines that give patterns for clothes and shoes, often have the shoes glued to the doll's feet. This is fine if that is all you will be using the doll for. I like to have the ability to change outfits on dolls, so I try to make shoes to reflect that need.
Below are some shoes that I have madeand have available for sale. Other shoes I have made and sold can be seen here.
Please note that all shoes are made to fit and are displayed on Heidi Ott adult male and female dolls. They should however fit other dolls with similar size feet - (the foot of a Heidi Ott adult female is almost 3/4 of an inch long)


Ladies Slippers

Ladies fluffy topped slippers. Featuring off white leather uppers and synthetic sole and trim in a variety of colours.


Men's Black Lace Up Boots

Seen here on an adult male Heidi Ott doll, these boots will fit dolls with a similar sized foot.
These boots have leather uppers and rubber soles.


Men's Scuffs

Made to fit an adult male doll, they feature leather uppers and a cork sole.